Working side-by-side with business leaders and teams, we help reveal your company’s unique, compelling and authentic strategic vision.  A strategy with the focus and firepower to activate your entire organization- not just marketing, sales or operations- but every aspect of your business so that you are firing with purpose on all cylinders.

Our practice of Brand Alignment™ integrates the disciplines of business and brand strategy, organizational development, marketing and sales to activate and integrate all the components that are critical to success- a capable and engaged workforce, outstanding products and services, powerful communications programs and meaningful and enduring relationships with customers and the community.

Every brand has at its core a substance that gives it strength.
You have to understand it before you can grow it.


Revealing your business’ unique value and offering  is not strictly about products or services, about the past, or even about things. It’s about tapping into an essence and an ethos that defines who you are to the folks who matter: your core customers, your potential customers, your employees and the world.

Hi: I’m Dan Caine

I started Incite in 2004 with the vision of helping good people take their business to a next level of performance, service, recognition and satisfaction. To do well by doing good. 

I bring a unique perspective and process to each project as well as a broad range of skills and experience gathered from years of working in and with small and medium-sized businesses.

I am business and brand strategist, researcher, marketing and sales specialist and a catalyst for organizational vitality. I am also a creative and practical leader, a producer and a team builder. 

Most of all, I am a loyal and invested partner, working alongside others, believing in and fighting for your success.  I lead each engagement and hand-pick other creative and strategic partners to enrich and meet the specific needs of your project. This brings together the best skills and perspective in a nimble and effective collaboration. It produces better results and it’s more fun.


Brand Alignment

Get more from your organization.

What happens when you reveal and express your organization’s core strategy, align your people with it, and express it consistently, authentically and creatively in every action and every point of contact? Your brand and business convey a new clarity, authority and depth. It takes on the power to move people inside and outside of your organization.

That’s why Brand Alignment is a fundamental part of our process. It ensures that all of your organization’s critical elements—people, promotions, sales, products and processes—are working together optimally to create a distinct competitive advantage for your company.

Brand Alignment is
both a process and
an end result.

Brand Alignment stimulates the substance at the heart of a business. It activates the big strategic ideas and impelling sense of purpose that provides energy and focus, that drives all actions and messages, that inspires and connects with the people who matter most: customers, employees and the community.

Brand Alignment integrates the disciplines of research, brand strategy, marketing, business development and organizational health. In our shorthand, we represent that as Strategy. Design. People.


Get the right idea. Get the idea right.

We help you define or refine your core purpose and strategic direction, establish your competitive position and message, align your team, and create a blueprint and implementation plan for you to grow and flourish as a business.  

Strategy is a set of intentions—a high level plan to strengthen your company’s capacity to deliver in distinct and exceptional ways. It’s your roadmap for achieving business success. It’s how you shape your company’s future for the long run.

At Incite, we get your leadership, managers and staff directly involved in co-creating and owning the strategy that will guide and drive your business and invigorate your brand. We help you become a stronger team.

You’ll rally around a strategy that you own because you built it. You’ll become the leaders of the vision and change you seek. You’ll align your brand with your business strategy and create a high-performance culture that will generate long-term, sustainable benefits for your company and its stakeholders.

A strong brand strategy

helps align all parts
of your organization.

Aligning your organization around a clear and compelling strategy and carrying it through everything you do gives you a clear competitive advantage. Communicating your strategy creates clarity and focus, ensuring that your walk is in sync with your talk. When your people are united around an authentic, shared vision and plan, you’ll inspire greater commitment, realize a healthier internal culture and achieve improved performance.

You’ll get more from your organization so you can give more to your customers.

According to McKinsey, 80% of strategic plans never get off the ground or produce any significant results.   We help make sure that you’re part of the exceptional 20%.                           


Inquiry > Insights > Direction

While brand success is measured in the marketplace, its’ source and substance lives at the heart of every vital company. To fully reveal and activate your brand strategy, you have to look deeper than assumptions or appearances or, even what’s worked in the past.

We conduct internal and external research and facilitate workshops with your leadership team to set strategy as well as the plan and actions necessary to bring your brand to life.

Research doesn’t tell you what to do, but when approached through the lens of brand and strategy, research provides the critical insights to develop the clarity, direction and actions to galvanize your people, reposition you in the marketplace and spur growth.


Tell Your Story.

We treat design as the potent tool it is:  the narrative, visual and embodied expression of your brand. We leverage your brand strategy to help you tell your story in a distinct, authentic and powerful way. 

Our process brings your vision and brand strategy to life by creating compelling communications for both internal and external audiences and then delivering your message through marketing, sales and business development outreach. Our work positions your brand more effectively in the marketplace because it is reinforced by clarity of purpose, internal alignment, passion and commitment.

We offer expertise in all phases of development, from marketing, positioning and communication strategy to messaging and story; from brand systems to sales and customer service delivery. In each phase, we work to ensure that your strategy, message, look and feel, and technology are thoroughly, intentionally and consistently aligned and delivered.

The best way to see the products of our strategy-driven design is to review the work in our portfolio.


People Drive Performance. Build Your Team.

To sustain high performance, organizations must build the capacity to learn and evolve over time. And, they must engage their people. Organizational Health—the ability of your organization to align, execute, and renew itself faster than your competitors—is as important as focusing on any other business performance drivers.

Organizational Health helps align leaders, inspire participation and create new levels of clarity, commitment and performance. It engages your people and aligns them with your core business and brand strategy, resulting in superior performance, increased productivity and deeper loyalty. Not to mention stronger and more enduring customer relationships.

“Companies that build a critical mass of engagement grew earning per share at 2.6 times (260%) the rate of companies who do not”. -Gallup Research

Our integrated approach helps you company get more done so you can deliver more. Turn plans into action with the support of your entire organization. You’ll find that your people are more engaged and deliver more overall. They bring your strategy to life, help you stand out in the marketplace and allow you to outpace competitors who are less focused or aligned as a team.

Invigorate Your Organization

We’ve learned that there are several interrelated elements that contribute to Organizational Health.

All meaningful change starts at the top. We help build a cohesive leadership team committed to modeling and fulfilling a clear, shared vision and strategy for your company. We facilitate the strategic, sometimes difficult, conversations that create trust, clarity, alignment and readiness for accelerated, purposeful action. We run strategic planning sessions, training programs and workshops, leadership summits and executive communications program.

Brand Alignment invigorates your company’s culture and strengthens employee engagement. Through workshops, brand training programs and internal communications, we help you engage and equip employees with the knowledge, passion and tools to bring your brand to life. 

We help you tell your story and connect it to the people who are most important to achieving your company’s success. We develop internal communication materials, programs and tools to promote company-wide awareness that awakens a new vitality and involvement.  

To validate your investment, test your company’s new strategic capacity, and deliver ROI, your brand needs to perform in the marketplace. We work with your market leaders and marketing, sales and customer service teams to deliver your company’s story with new clarity, purpose and confidence.

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