Nike Women: Honor all stages of a woman's life





Global Research (11 languages)
Brand Strategy
Brand Development
Communication Design
Product Design
UX/UI Design
Internal Workshops
Video Production
Internal Brand Training

The Nike Women’s division had gone through a number of changes, under a variety of executive leaders over its first decade. In order to unify the team and inspire sound decision-making across the global operation, a set of Guiding Principles were introduced to serve as a touchstone for all major initiatives. These became the foundation for brand and business strategy that could be sustained over time.

In 2009, the leadership team responsible for the output of over $1B in sales gathered for a 3-day Leadership Summit at a hotel in Santa Barbara, CA. Incite was retained to facilitate the event’s design, conduct several World Café sessions and guide an evening team building event  that helped make the event a resounding success.

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