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With over 70 years of design expertise, WATG is recognized as the world’s leading design consultants in the hospitality industry. Several years ago, faced with increased competition, client perceptions were shaky, and the marketplace was uncertain about what the firm truly stood for and how they stood out.

Incite worked with leadership to develop a new brand strategy, identity, a suite of marketing materials expressing a renewed focus and revitalized WATG brand to the world. Internally, Incite worked with 53 owners and the entire staff to coalesce, engage and elevate a renewed purpose and spirit in the organization.

One year later, net sales had increased 32%, qualified leads grew, job applications were flowing in, and there was a dramatic shift in client and market perceptions about the firm.

“Incite’s perspective and leadership guided our re-branding effort at every juncture, leading to a successful launch, a very enthusiastic staff, and 53 senior leaders who could agree on something.” -Howard Wolff  Sr. VP Global Marketing, WATG

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